Our customers really enjoy our syrup. We know this because they often tell us about it!

Here are some of the nice things they have said.

"When I opened the gallon jug, it was filled to the brim and there was a little foamy residue at the top so I HAD to lift it off with my finger, and where else to put it but into my salivating mouth.

It was so good I got a teaspoon and ate a couple of spoonfuls right then and there. Good thing I didn't have a straw handy! Thank you again for your outstanding product. You know I'll be back for more!"
Vangie R.
in North Carolina
"We absolutely LOVE your syrup."
Susan F.
in Massachusetts
"We had always bought Grade A Fancy because it was what is available here in southern Indiana. Watched the 5 Ingredient Fix show and she talked about the great flavors of the Grade B and how it enhanced the flavors of her recipe. So I found you online, and being a country boy myself, I liked your mom and pop approach to marketing. And we really like your syrup.

Can't wait to make candied yam, monkey bread, and maple bacon with the Grade B to see how much more maple flavor we get than we did with the Grade A Fancy."
Susan F.
in Massachusetts
"You make a fine maple syrup, far surpasses the others out there."
George K.
in California
"Hello from New Zealand! Just a note to let you know that the parcel arrived yesterday in excellent condition with our entire order intact and delicious! We really appreciate your assistance, and I'm sure our wedding guests will too!"
Heather L.
in New Zealand
"Thanks so much! We think your syrup is the best we've ever had and won't buy any other. Now we are spoiled!"
Shannon D.
"I love your products! I have an allergy to processed sugars. I use your maple syrup and maple sugar for many things. I make ice cream with the syrup and it always gets compliments.

Recently I made a wonderful carrot cake with cream cheese icing using only your syrup for the sweetener. I used the recipe from one of the Vermont producer cookbooks. It was very close to my mother's old recipe. Thank you so much."
Tonya W.
in Kentucky
"(The gift recipient) needed to get the syrup put away before her son saw it, he might just use a straw on one gallon he likes it so well."
Bill C.
"If you have ever thought about buying some real maple syrup straight from the source, this is the one. Great prices and many different packages for gifts or just a simple pint or quart of the syrup in a convenient jug. Cheaper than you can imagine and the very best there is. You won't be sorry and don't forget about yourself either."
Spencer M.
in Texas
"We received the order today! Your syrup is really the best I've ever tasted and I've tried many."
Ray G.
in Rhode Island
"Thank you so much for sending the syrup we ordered (and the extra bottle of syrup) despite the order being lost in transit for so long. We had some on waffles this weekend and it was delicous. While we may not need to place an order for a while (ha ha) we are devoted Mom & Pop's fans and you will see an order from us again in the future."
Pam S.
in Georgia
"You folks are great to deal with! Because of our earlier experience with you, our two children and families are now customers as well, hence the order for three gallons of syrup."
Henry M.
in New Jersey
"We do enjoy your wonderful syrup every Saturday a.m. when my husband makes our weekly pancakes or waffles!"
Becky J.
in the military
"My son called from North Carolina and was very excited about receiving his pure Maple Syrup for Easter. I had ordered it online and had it sent to him as an Easter gift. He had mentioned that he wished he could buy really good maple syrup in North Carolina. Perfect gift for my 35 year old son. Never know what to buy for him. So thank you for sending it and shipping it out quickly and well packed. It arrived on time and in perfect condition. I will tell my friends and order more syrup from you in the future."
Judy C.
in Connecticut
"The package arrived fast filled with 'the best in the world' yum!"
Tom A.
in North Carolina